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"At KAMMA, we believe in making swimsuits that last a long time. That's why we offer a special warranty for five years on all our original swimwear."

About Us

Born in 2016, KAMMA is a family business run by three founding members; Johana and Febrina Siahaan, and Ianis Baulleret. Having multicultural background, KAMMA wanted to put their love and passion for their cultures and heritage, into something that can be worn and enjoyed by the modern women. KAMMA aim to provide women with contemporary and eclectic swimwear, with a touch of Indonesian heritage in each piece.


After spending 3 years in Paris, KAMMA’s founding sister and fashion designer Febrina has drawn inspiration from this lifestyle through modern Parisian ‘la haute couture’ and a perfect blend of traditional Indonesian heritage. Each collection and piece is designed in-house, and the focus is to provide timeless, sophisticated and creative pieces. Tailored specifically for the globe-trotter, sun-seeker women who appreciate culture and seek pieces that they can keep in their wardrobe longer than a season.


KAMMA is built on sustainability, preserving the wonderful Indonesian culture, and exuding local craftsmanship. Taking a considered approach to the longevity of their collections, from design concept right through to creation.


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