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Our Sustainable
Garment Factory



"Seventy-five percent of fashion supply chain material ends up in landfills. This amounts to the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles per second."
Pulse of the Fashion Industry 2018 Report

We believe that slow fashion starts with slow manufacturing. As a slow fashion retailer and manufacturer, we understand that with slower production schedules, small-batch design, we are able to reduce the textile waste clogging our landfills.

All KAMMA garments are ‘made-to-order’

The production begins after each purchase. We believe that by producing no more than we need & using eco-fabrics only, we are part of a change towards more responsible fashion. This also means that what you’re getting is exclusive for you, adding quality and exclusivity to each garment.


Doing this means KAMMA are able to offer customers small modifications to their garments, making sure what you’re getting is high quality swimwear that you love and can wear for a long time.

Our Team

Our relationships with people are at the core of what we do. All working relationships in the manufacturing facility will always be 100% legal and ensure all workers are fairly treated and protected. We provide a safe, and healthy workplace to all colleagues, including employee health care benefits, to ensure everyone feels and is part of the team.


We love to partner with local artisans. We believe that by appreciating and creating commercial demand for their products, sustainable fashion brands can help younger generations realize that their skills and technique are priceless cultural treasures that should be loved, celebrated, and preserved.

Our Fabrics

KAMMA garments are made using sustainable textiles from Carvico, these fabrics are generated from pre and post industrial waste that have reached the end of their life but can be recycled for their polyester. The fabric used for KAMMA swimwear is ‘vita fabric’- a sustainable techno fabric. Vita is versatile, thin, elegant, soft and breathable making it the perfect fabric to produce KAMMA swimwear with, being twice as resistant to chemicals found in suntan cream and chlorine, that damage the majority of swimwear fabrics used on the market.

For KAMMA’s Ready To Wear collection, the fabrics are made from 100% bamboo. Growing mainly in Asia, bamboo is now being used to craft fibre, to create yarn and fabric. Bamboo grows incredibly fast, and is one of the must sustainable plants in the market, and now can be used to create beautiful, elegant pieces to add to your ever-growing collection.

Our Packaging

KAMMA use biodegradable plastic packaging made from vegetable starch to package all of your orders. Using Cassava bags, this packaging decomposes in nature, is 100% natural so free from any toxins and is completely safe for the environment, meaning wildlife, marine life and the earth are not harmed with the discarding of this packaging after use.